Sam Shazzam

Whether it’s social media training, some advice on work life balance or a reality check for your fledgling enterprise, Sam Shazzam can help you succeed –

“The whole workshop was buzzing after Sam came in and told them the best techniques for growing business through social media. Her mix of enthusiasm and business smarts is infectious!” Francis Kneebone –

“Samantha is the quintessential social entrepreneur – young, vibrant, intelligent, innovative, compassionate and teachable. Her success and passion is evident in her work through Biddy Bags, 500 hours and Bizness Babes. Whatever Samantha sets her mind on, and directs her energy to, will undoubtedly achieve amazing things and change lives (for the better).” Aleem Ali –

“Sam Shazzam has been so very informative and helpful for me in the planning stages of my songwriting business. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience under her belt when it comes to planning, setting up and running small businesses and I’m sure she’ll be a valuable resource to anyone who has a good idea and just needs a bit of guidance to make it into a reality!” Brett Whitmore –

“One 2 hour session with Sam took me from “Facebook Dummy” to easily managing my own page with a great understanding of all the behind the scenes analytics and how to get the most out of your time!” Jaclyn